Valentine’s Day is only 26 days away!  My husband and I never really celebrate it but I do love all hearts, red and pink and other lovey dovey decorations so I use it as an excuse to buy myself something.  This year I decided to see what Etsy has to offer for this holiday and I’m glad I did! I found so many cute things that instead of the usual presentation of Etsy Favourites, I’m going to do a few collages.  Enjoy!

1. The Pattern Bag  2. Lenny Mud  3. rbg color  4. Loubella 1 

5. Prince Design UK  6. Nesta Home  7. Sevgi   8. Silkstone Designs

9. S Jen Graving  10. Knitty Vet  11. Vintage Scraps  12. Sweet Bella