I think by this point most of us have our Christmas shopping done. Unless you’re my husband (he hasn’t even started).  I always find that stocking stuffers are the last thing on my list though, so I’ve compiled a list of some great stocking stuffers I’ve found.  They’re all things that you should be able to find in stores, since it may be too late to order online with ground shipping now, if you want the package by Christmas.

The re-useable “paper” cup! These are a great gift for any on the go coffee drinker. You can even use them at places like Starbucks rather than getting a cup that is just going to be thrown out. You can find these at Urban Outfitters, Target and other stores.  This is the original but there are many less expensive “knock offs” out there as well, like at Walmart and Burlington Coat Factory.

This is from Target. I think it’d be a very sweet stocking stuffer for any new or semi-new mommy!

E.L.F eyeshadow can be found at Target.  I really like their mineral eyeshadows. They’re only $3 and go on very nicely!
Great for men and women. Burt’s Bees makes great natural lip balms. You can find these in most drugstores.
Makeup brushes make for a great stocking stuffer. There are a lot of organic ones out there now made with bamboo. 
Rings and hair accessories work well in any female’s stocking. The ones above are from Forever 21; they have many options for under $5.  
A plaid scarf like this one from Old Navy works well for both men and women!

Can’t forget the pets! I’m making homemade treats this year but many stores, including Petsmart, already have their Christmas stuff at 50%off!