This edition of Etsy Favourites is based on great Christmas gift ideas! Now is the best time to start shopping; no rush, no long lines and no pressure.  December is much more enjoyable with feeling the need to go shopping every spare minute!

 I’ve started my Christmas shopping, have you?

Retro Apples – Mitt Set

Most people use oven mitts or at least own some!  This shop carries 
very cute handmade ones with patterns I haven’t seen anywhere else. 
 Great gift for anyone who loves to cook or bake!

Jewelers Bronze Whitetail Deer Antler Ring – 

Moon Raven Designs

Deer rings are all the rave right now in jewelry.  I chose this ring to
share because it falls into the animal jewelry category but it’s still
pretty subtle so I think it’d appeal to a larger group of people.
This gift would work well for anyone who is into fashion or
unique jewelry.

Horseshoe BookEnd

Ooh what a nice gift for a horse lover or book-fan!  I think
manyinterior decorators would appreciate these book ends. 
They have a slightly rustic feel but could definitely still work
in a modern home. 




These are too cute for words!  Perfect gift for any baby or expecting
mother.  The fun colors and playful mushrooms will be appropriate
from now all the way until late Spring.

Organic Christmas Gift Bag – Med.

Of course, many of these gifts would look great in an organic gift
bag from Nikki Designs!  These bags are a gift themselves since
they can be re-used again and again.