Fashion and interior decorating quite often seem to go hand in hand, which is in part why I post about both on this blog.  They’re both very visual and allow a person to express oneself in a creative way.  A lot of the trends that appear on the runway for each season also provide inspiration for ones home.  New York Fashion Week recently ended and showcased looks for Spring 2011.  I think the looks give us an idea of what we’ll be seeing in home decorating as well!  For example, sheer fabrics work both as a dress and as curtains. This Fall, velvet may adorn your home and your body!

Here’s a look at a few runway looks from Fall 2010 along with ways to incorporate them into your home.

Neutral tones, geometric shapes, attention to detail, dark florals and velvet.

Now here are runway looks from Spring 2011 to give you some interior decorating inspiration.

Bold, bright colours, orange, sheer fabrics, pale green, all white, lace and Western.