How many of you pack a lunch on a regular basis? I’m guessing quite a few of you. I actually pack my husbands lunch since he has to be up for work very early and often works long 15 hour days. One thing that has been bothering me is all the plastic bags I go through packing sandwiches and snacks.  What a waste!  So I turned to my favourite site for all things homemade and sure enough, I found a ton of cute re-useable snack/sandwich bags! Here are just a few:

“This eco-friendly reusable sandwich bag is made with 100% high quality cotton. It is lined with a water and stain resistant nylon. It has a velcro closure. “

all of our bags are made with a 100% cotton fabric exterior and are lined with a BPA FREE water-resistant and stain-resistant nylon.”

Constructed with premium cotton and lined with water resistant 100% nylon. Individually handcrafted with quality and stitch reinforcement for durability. “

measures approx 6X6/8 and is made of sturdy, waterproof ripstop nylon fabric with a zipper closure! “

Reusable sandwich and snack bag made from 55% recycled hemp and 45% organic unbleached cotton and beautifully decorated.”

The inner lining is water resistant nylon. Cleaning up is a snap! Just shake the crumbs off into the trash, wipe it with a damp cloth, or toss it in the wash. “

 “made from cotton or cotton/poly. blend and is lined with 100% nylon for easy clean up. Velcro lines the top, to make sure all the goodies stay inside. This Snack Bag has a gusseted bottom so it will stand up on it’s own.”

Or you could try making your own! That’s what I plan on doing. You can purchase the pattern below for just $4. All you need is 1/4 yard of cotton fabric, 1/4 yard of rip-stop nylon and 1 yard of Velcro. 

“Easy to follow, step by step instructions for all sewing levels. Four pages of with lots of pictures and details. After making snack, sandwich and quart sized sleeves, you will love this pattern! “