I know what you’re thinking… cell phones can be eco-friendly?  They’re probably one of the last things you think when you ponder that subject but yes, they can be!  Cell phone companies have already started to release phones made of recycled plastic. There is even one made out of recycled water bottles! How great is that? I think it really goes to show that just about anything can be made in an eco-friendly way.

Here are some of the leading eco-friendly cell phones.

The Motorola MOTO W233 is made from recycled water bottles. It’s the world’s first cell phone that doesn’t leave a carbon print!
The Samsung Relcaim’s plastic parts are made of corn and other non PVC components.  I believe this phone is due out early August.

Samsung also has the E200 ECO cell phone which is 100% bioplastic and free of lead, cadmium and mercury. It’s currently for sale only in the UK. 
Next up is the Sony Ericsson T650i. The charger for this phone exceeds Energy Star requirements by 24%! The phone’s components are free of PVC, phthalates and beryllium. You can buy this cell from Amazon.com.
Even more impressively, the charger for the Nokia 3310 Evolve uses a whopping 94% less energy than Energy Star requires!  It’s packaging is made up of 60% recycled materials and the cell phone cover is made of bioplastic. It’s currently only available in Europe.
Sony also carried the Ericsson P1i which is again, free of PVC, beryllium and phthalates. It’s main circuit board is free of brominated flame retardants. Available on Amazon.com.
To go along with your eco-friendly cell phone there is a wide variety of eco-friendly bluetooth sets available such as Sony Ericsson’s VH410 and VH110 headsets. Both are made from recycled plastics and covered in water-based paint!