Texture is still very important as more color is coming back into the market. Brown shades (beige to chocolate) with bursts of color in a pattern on a pillow or accent chair. Everyday Color Elements collection has soft, bold patterns inspired by nature.
Large scaled patterns in black and white are very dynamic alternative. Classical colors with a contemporary look for chairs or bedding.

Watch for our recently launched eco-friendly program in multi-purpose
weights. Fabrics made from Certified Organic cottons and sustainable
bamboo which are produced using 100% wind power. All dyes used
with these natural yarns are free of heavy metals and are compliant with
ETAD list of heavy metal. Made in the USA.
Eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo, organic and natural fibres are stronger
using natural dyes making color on these products more in tune with
Use eco-friendly fabrics and be one step closer to preserving our planet