Did you know that Woody Harrelson  wore a custom-tailored black tuxedo, dress shirt and tie, all by Burberry, made of hemp fabric to this years Oscars? Not surprising considering Harrelson is a huge spoke person for going green.  He lives in Maui in a mostly self-sustained community.

with wife Laura Louie. -Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

James Cameron of Avatar fame arrived with his wife Suzy Amis Cameron. She wore a silk dress designed by MSU student, Jillian Granz. Amis Cameron created a “Red Carpet Green Dress” competition which Granz was chosen as the winner of.  The dresses in the competition had to be made from only sustainable material.  The winning dress was made from peace silk.  Peace silk allows silk worms to complete their life cycle, rather than be boiled as is the case with traditional silk. Debroah Parker is the woman who actually made the dress and she said that the design used a “no-waste pattern, in which every part of the pattern is utilized and put into the final garment rather than being discarded.”

 James & Suzy Amis Cameron with winning Oscar dress designer Jillian Ganz. – treehugger.com

 Isn’t it great to see such big names wearing organic materials?