Something that is very in style right now, whether it be on the runway or in your home, is plaid. A bold but classic pattern, it is easy to incorporate this look into your home.

The most obvious way to introduce this trend to your home would be in the form of a blanket. After all, the word plaid means blanket in the Scots language! A wool throw at the foot of a bed or draped over the arm of a chair is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

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Plaid transcends smoothly from winter to summer and looks great both in and outdoors.  During those summer months why not spruce up your patio set with plaid napkins or plaid seat covers? Plaid flower pots are a lot of fun!  When the weather gets cold, a plaid doormat is very welcoming.

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The easiest way to pull of such a bold trend is to use it sparingly. Don’t feel the need to decorate an entire room in this striking pattern but instead look for small ways to incorporate it. Cut out a square of plaid fabric and frame it! Invest in a plaid tablecloth. Add plaid buttons to pillows that you already own. Have a plaid slipcover made to fit an old chair. However, if you are feeling particularly daring, there is always plaid carpet!

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