OK, I wrote this at 5:00 in the morning, so here goes…
I am a 45 year-old mother of 3 amazing daughters, the wife (23 years!) of a pretty great guy, and I have been able to work at home for the last 20 years, doing stuff I love that challenges me and never gets boring.
I love my life!
I have a custom sewing and interior decorating business and a huge studio (pics to come).
I almost never say no to a job request and I have made…cross-country ski uniforms for the B.C. Men’s team, a business flag, grad. dresses, bridesmaid dresses (including a maternity one), mother-of-the-bride dresses, my wedding dress, Masons’ wives’ dresses, lingerie, bathing suits and yoga wear for stores, water-proof jackets and pants for hikers and boaters, father and son matching hunting jackets, a violin case out of a leather coat, children’s clothes, dance costumes (including bellydance), theatrical costumes, furniture slipcovers, draperies, valances, tablecloths, blinds, napkins, fitted sheets (some for R.C.M.P. boats), cushions for benches, loungechairs, boats and trailers, bags and purses, and hospital sheets. Whew! I’m sure there’s more!